The Next generation of great tasting Stevia Sweeteners!

Consumer interest and awareness on ways to improve their health has also increased the demand for “healthier foods” with reduced fat, sugar and salt. Main objective is to reduce overall calorie intake, yet not to compromise on taste.


To meet this demand Cargill and DSM, two global leaders in the food industry, combined their efforts to create the joint venture Avansya, to deliver zero-calorie great tasting sweeteners to the market. This partnership combines DSM’s leading biotech know-how and fermentation expertise with Cargill’s global commercial footprint in sweeteners and large-scale fermentation capacity, making sugar reduction a sustainable and affordable reality.

The first product in this range is EVERSWEET™: a calorie-free stevia sweetener which delivers a high-quality sweetness profile. EVERSWEET™ is made from the age old process of fermentation, which enables a more efficient, scalable and sustainable supply as compared with traditional production of stevia.

EVERSWEET™ offers significant sugar reduction opportunities in food and beverage products, while maintaining a high-quality sweetener profile. 

Choosing EVERSWEET™ you are enriching your portfolio with tasty and non-artificial Stevia Sweetener!


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