New Life Cycle Assessment shows EverSweet® stevia sweetener is a great choice to assist in achieving sustainability goals.

Avansya – a joint venture between Cargill and dsm-firmenich – is proud to share another significant milestone for its first commercial product, EverSweet®.

The results of a new comparative life-cycle assessment (LCA) of commercial sweeteners clearly quantify EverSweet®’s impressive environmental sustainability advantages over conventional sugar, and non-fermentation stevia-based solutions. Among the standout findings are that EverSweet® enables an 81% lower carbon footprint compared to sugar, as well as 96% lower land-use impacts and 97% lower water use. The LCA was conducted according to ISO 14040/14044 and verified by an independent panel.

Harnessing biotechnology

EverSweet® stevia sweetener, created through advanced fermentation methods, brings to life the sweetest and cleanest tasting components of the stevia leaf – steviol glycosides Reb M and Reb D. This enables a significant reduction in sugars without sacrificing high-quality sweet taste, thereby helping food and beverage manufacturers meet the rising consumer demand for products.

Reb M, however, is rare, being naturally present in only around 0.14% of the stevia leaf. By using an advanced fermentation method to produce Reb M, Avansya not only makes this delicious-tasting sweetener more affordable, but also leverages the benefits of biotechnology to improve the environmental footprint of final consumer products – again in line with market demand.

Read the LCA report to discover why Avansya’s EverSweet® is part of the recipe for people and planet.


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